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Day 61: The house hunt is officially over

March 6, 2012

A whirlwind of change swept me up and away from writing this blog. I’d like to say not much has happened in the past few weeks to write about, but the truth is, ideas strike me almost daily. More importantly, I found out the Ottawa Hills home will officially be mine! But it won’t come easily.

I mentioned back in January that the renter who currently lives there was being evicted.* Part of that process included one more chance to secure a mortgage pre-approval. He couldn’t, which meant my offer was accepted. He was supposed to move out by February 29. Instead of packing up, however, he hired a lawyer. The lawyer representing the homeowner mentioned calling on a real-estate litigation specialist “in case things get bloody.” Lovely. What’s one more twist in my house-hunt story? Needless to say, a closing date is to be determined.

Frustrating, but I knew a drawn-out process was a possibility. On the bright side, I won’t have to trudge my belongings through dirty, slushy snow. And I don’t have to be out of Eastown by a specific date. I’m antsy to move in but content knowing the house will eventually be my home.

While the after effects of change are still whirling, I do like to finish what I start. So I promise to attempt to be more diligent in writing this blog.

*I sound like a heartless meany discussing this man’s eviction with such indifference. I’m not – I promise! And Ruth, the homeowner, is the type of lady you can’t help but hug.

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