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Day 84: The celebrity you’ve never heard of

January 22, 2013


Two words describe Calin: dramatic and surprise. Since his surprising debut in 2007, his existence has been nothing short of dramatic. And his fifth birthday is no different. Upon revealing a February trip to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, it was silly to expect jumping and shouting and hugs and kisses. You know, typical kid expressions. Instead, he pretended to faint. Overcome with gratitude, I presume.

At his Electric Cheetah birthday dinner he asked me to try a pickle. I’ve tried pickles twice in my life; both times they wind up in my napkin. They disgust me. But I took a tiny bite to appease him. This time, to my surprise, it wasn’t so bad. “See, Mom. It’s like I always say. You never know if your taste buds changed unless you just give it a try.”

Like you always say, huh? Sounds like you’re good at memorizing other people’s lines, buddy. “Think about that next time, okay?” he suggested. Stifling my laughter at his sugary-sweet I-care-about-your-wellbeing mom tone, I thanked him for opening my taste buds to the world of pickles.
His birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without dessert. So we headed to Joel and Molly’s for chocolate chip cookies. If you spend much time with Calin, you know he sings Hey Soul Sister daily, often with accompanying dance moves and goofy voices. Since I don’t own a copy of the song, it’s rare that it becomes a sing-along.
Tonight it did. When the Pandora station filled the living room with Train, my little boy, who can rarely keep still, transformed into what appeared to be a choir singer. Hands straight at his side, not a wiggle moved through his fingers or toes, while his lips formed exaggerated shapes to enunciate the words. The subdued act was a surprise coming from my boisterous kid. He humbly accepted the clapping with a smile, but I could tell he was beaming with pride on the inside. He told Molly a minute later that he’s a pretty good singer. But that profession will come third to being a football player or traveling animal doctor, per the evening’s dinner conversation. He’s just barely five, but I don’t think on-stage performance is too far-fetched. 
That’s my five-year old: a daily dose of dramatics and sweet surprises. If only there was a word to describe this type of parental emotion; love just seems too simple. Happy fifth birthday to my charismatic little man.
(In the spirit of by blog’s theme, home is where the heart is, right?)
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  1. January 31, 2013 11:41 am

    Awwwww cute! Jadyn turns five in April, so she’s not too far behind! Nothing like a 4 or 5 year old reminding you what they’ve always said 😉 lol

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