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Day 60: My letter of resignation

January 28, 2012

I went through this once before. Debating whether or not to write daily. I decided to go for it, ignoring the ramifications of a Project 365 commitment. Letting words flow from my fingertips every night is therapeutic. Shaping those words into a story is gratifying. Sleep loss, stressful mornings (because I didn’t make lunch or iron the night before), and a disheveled house (on top of what’s already not my strong suit), to name a few, was worth it.

In the past week or so I remembered it’s also difficult to take up new hobbies and make room for new people. So here’s my resignation from writing a daily blog. I’ll still aim for two or three a week until I reach 365, but there are a few other things I’d like to pay more attention to.

If all works out with the Ottawa Hills house, I won’t have much to say in the next two months, anyway. The man currently renting from Ruth (the homeowner) isn’t willing to leave. Since he’s not in a lease, the eviction notice will hopefully get him moving and out by end of February. If he decides to resist it, which is highly likely, that could tack another month on to the process. If the court decides his case is sensible, which the lawyer said is unlikely, things could drag out ’til summer. Who knew buying a house would be so dramatic?


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