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Day 62: I’d rather be drinking lemonade

March 11, 2012

Photo by shutterbug_kel on Flickr

“I’d rather be drinking lemonade.” That was Ben’s reflection of homeownership. I hid my smile; what an eloquent summation of yours truly.

Should I be worried that my disposition tends toward sipping a beverage? Toward feet up, lost in the woven words of a novel while the sun’s golden warmth swirls around my skin, or surrounded by the twinkle of fireflies dancing amidst an evening serenade of summer’s creatures? Enjoying nature’s simple splendor sounds like a much better way to spend an hour of my life than picking up toys that litter my living room floor or organizing piles of clutter that seem to sprout like weeds.

The roots of Ben’s reflection, paired with my inherent aversion toward mundane household chores, led to a slight tinge of anxiety. Perhaps I’m biting off more than I can chew? Fortunately, the optimist in me dominates. To heck with that pesky little voice. I’m holding on to the hope that with homeownership comes a proactive energy to organize and tidy. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Mind over matter, right?

Any tips to achieve this are welcome.

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