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Day 22: Sleep on it

December 12, 2011

I love stumbling upon the truths in colloquialisms. After an indecisive conclusion to my rambling yesterday about what I’d do with this Project 365, I went to bed. As I drifted off to dreamland, the answer suddenly became crystal clear. I have no idea how I arrived to that path of reasoning due to my sleepy stupor, but I can tell you, ‘sleeping on it’ really works wonders.

I’m sticking with the homeownership topic!

At an event for Amway’s Early in Career Group tonight, a few friends helped to further set it in stone. Like one said, there’s bound to be something, even if it’s simply not spending money because you’re saving for a home item. And another threw out a catchy tagline: House hunt negotiator. Sing that to the tune of Priceline’s jingle: Priceline negotiator! It’ll be stuck in your head for hours. (Thanks, Kelly and Jon!) Looks like your idea wins, Craig.

Which brings me to a house story. Yesterday, I drove down Alexander Street, from East Grand Rapids into Ottawa Hills and thought to myself, this is my someday neighborhood. I’ve adored Ottawa Hills since learning about the charming little pocket of the city last year. But it’s a distant dream.

Then my mom called this morning… Apparently my uncle was happy to hear my Brooklyn Street house fell through. His mother in-law is currently renting out her home in Ottawa Hills that he thinks I could take off her hands. “But I told him you wouldn’t want to live there.” What?! I like to give everyone else tours of the city; I suppose I should clue my mom into Grand Rapids’ greatness, as well.

Could this be the reason things didn’t work out with Brooklyn? Everything does always happen for a reason. (Another wisdom-filled nugget!) Perhaps this is it. I haven’t seen the house, nor do I know yet whether I can afford it, but it’d be a beautiful ending to the story of my house hunt.

To top it off, the EiCG event tonight led me to a student of Montessori education, further affirming my decision to send Calin to GRPS Montessori.

A potential house and a new school for Calin! My heart is doing the happy dance right now. Seriously. Is there a colloquialism for that one?

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  1. December 12, 2011 11:21 pm

    Kara, I love reading your blog posts when I notice them on Facebook. You’re a great writer! I’m sorry to hear that the first house didn’t work out, but I too have always loved the Ottawa Hills neighborhood. I love gorgeous old houses! My fingers are crossed for you; hopefully you get to see the new potential house soon!

  2. Craig permalink
    December 13, 2011 5:43 pm

    Don’t think I’ve seen Ottawa Hills… here I come.. (when I get a few moments)…


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