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Day 21: Indecision

December 11, 2011

I imagined each day as a new homeowner would bring something new. With activities leading up to close, moving in, remodeling, lawn care and other projects, I figured I’d have no problem starting another 365-day blog.

When I asked about continuing this project after my house fell through, I got a few responses here and on Facebook. Most said do it. Marc’s comment kept me thinking for days. Do I really need to do it daily? Craig made a good point about writing about things that link to homeownership. (I definitely have a story about my current home from this evening!)

But writing solely on homeownership isn’t going to be easy at this point. Since I asked for opinions, and all but one said yes to daily musings, I’ll stick with daily postings. Plus I like to finish what I start. Expanding beyond the home thing is looking like my best bet. A series of sub-topics: home, parenthood, Grand Rapids… But then I may wind up with my last Project 365… I guess we’ll see how it unfolds.

Well, it appears I’m still undecided (I thought I had it all figured out when I sat down to write this). So I may as well ask for ‘sub-topic’ ideas. Now that could be a challenge!

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