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Day 23: Connecting the dots

December 14, 2011

“How’s everything going with the house?”

She must not be a Facebook friend, I thought, as I turned around to see who wasn’t caught up on the latest chapter of my story.

I racked my brain trying to recall her name. Last month, my team joined another department in another building so I see a lot of new faces lately. “What’s the last part you heard?” I asked.

Turns out she’s way behind! And I didn’t have to feel bad about not remembering her name. An innocent bystander at the coffee pot, she had chimed in on the debate over selecting the right mortgage lender about three weeks ago. (That decision, by the way, has been a good one so far. Jonathan Arnold from Arbor Mortgage is living up to his promise, making things easy and being very helpful throughout this ordeal.)

When I brought her up to speed, I found out she is a former Alger Heights resident, as well. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing eyes light up and a huge smile spread across a person’s face when you mention your potential future neighborhood. That’s my own reaction when I talk about Eastown (unfortunately, the homes are well beyond my price range). And it’s that kind of community love that drew me to Alger Heights.

Life is like a game of connect the dots. Just like those little number guides that help you create the big picture, I encounter perfect strangers who affirm my decisions along the way, helping to shape what my future will look like. It’s a beautiful thing!

For now, though, I’ll wait and see if the Ottawa Hills home mentioned yesterday pans out.


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