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Day 20: Unveiling a fabrication

December 10, 2011

Remember the conclusion to my Brooklyn-home tragedy the other day? (Melodramatic, perhaps. ;-)) I read an email that claimed they were financially unable to sell their home at this point. They backed out of paying for the roof repair which forced me to rescind my offer.

I toured the neighborhood again with my realtor and was bummed that nothing even compared to my first choice. When I got home I hopped online to check out a few more in the Alger Heights area. (It’s an addiction, I tell you.)

I looked longingly at the cemetery that would have been in my backyard, willing a new home to pop up for sale. While the veiled Virgin Mary statue keeping watch from the other side of the fence had initially creeped me out, she came to grow on me. A moment later my eye caught a familiar sight; a new home had, indeed, popped up. As I hovered over the listing, my jaw dropped as my Brooklyn Street home appeared.


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