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Day 81: Homemade nutrition

December 16, 2012



The longer you put something off, the harder it is to start. I constantly remind myself of this lately.

And this blog is no different. It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything. I’ve written a few posts, but they never make it live, thanks to perfectionism rearing its ugly head. So, instead of writing an update of the past few months as a homeowner, I decided to dive in and just do it.

Today, before I get to cleaning, laundry or Christmas shopping, I’m making my own butter oil supplements. Last weekend, an email from The Healthy Home Economist was delivered to my inbox about naturally curing cavities. This was on the heels of really bad news from my dentist. I need a $3000 procedure that my insurance won’t cover (unless I choose the other option which would require the same procedure every 10 years and has a higher risk of affecting other teeth; completely illogical cost-wise). After reading the blog post, I spent a few days researching and realized it’s just a step deeper into my health philosophies. Why not? I decided. It’s worth a shot and maybe I’ll save $2944.

  • I cut sugar out of my diet (my tooth is no longer throbbing).
  • My fermented cod liver oil supplements arrived in the mail.
  • I picked up organic pasture butter from Harvest Health.

The last step is to make the butter oil, otherwise known as ghee. I had closely followed this YouTube video, until pop! My bowl full of expensive butter burst; glass was all over the stove top and the floor glittered with shards. Apparently the Sarah’s glass bowl in the video was much more flame resistant than my Pyrex bowl. Luckily, the butter block hadn’t fully melted so I transferred it to a Calphalon pan and finished melting it.

With the butter oil now encapsulated, today marks the first day of the self-healing experiment. Wish me luck!

And after a three-month hiatus of blog posting, hopefully this was just the kick start I needed to quit putting it off.


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