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Day 75: Tips for packing

August 22, 2012

This times three hasn’t even scraped the surface…

Just in time for my week of moving madness, Zillow’s tips for packing popped up in my inbox. I quickly scanned the list, nodding in agreement with a few, when suddenly, I felt a pit in my stomach.

I plan to tear down some wallpaper, paint, maybe peel back some carpeting and then move my stuff in over the course of two weeks. I numbered the rooms in my house and have labeled the boxes accordingly. Overall, I’ve felt quite relaxed about the whole process. The Zillow list, however, is screaming at me to be anything but relaxed. Or maybe it’s my guilty conscious. I haven’t tossed much. I haven’t purchased a moving app. I haven’t over-prepared. Shit. Am I totally unprepared? Suddenly, I realized it’s T minus five days until I have keys to my home in hand.

There is so much to do, despite the fact I’ve been packing in little bits since November. My dining room wall has been studded with nailheads for nearly a year because I packed away all the photo frames hanging from the wall. It’s ugly. It makes me hesitant to box up my life, considering my success rate for actually moving is zero for two at this point.

This time, however, everything with this Alger Heights home appears to be in the clear. And despite my momentary turmoil over the Zillow list, I have lots of boxes (could use more!), my mom took the liberty of creating vital lists for me (I’ve been referring to her as hubby lately) and I do have three donate boxes started so far (lots of toys for lots of babies popping up all around me lately!). Pit gone; my calm returned.

I guess the only thing left to do now is to shut this computer screen and keep packing. If you’ve got any words of wisdom on the big move (or boxes), send ‘em my way, please!

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