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Day 72: Home inspections aren’t cheap, but they sure are valuable

June 23, 2012

I reunited with Branden from Buyer’s Home Inspection this week. Thanks to him finding a few damaged goods in the Alger Heights home, I’m on the cusp of closing on an amazing home in my dream neighborhood, Ottawa Hills.

After a thorough three hours of poking, prodding and patiently answering my billion questions, I’m one step closer to being a homeowner. Among many things, he reported a high-efficiency furnace; a water heater that’s working 15 years past its life expectancy; an orphaned water heater; two mammoth spiders hanging beneath the three-season room (let’s hope Calin never finds this secret hiding place); tips to improve the non fire-hazard electrical work; decent insulation; a solid overall structure; and most importantly, a major discrepancy with the roof inspection last week.

In commenting on the twelve spots needing repair on the roof, he retracted his statement. “Let’s be real, there’s way more than a dozen spots that need fixing.” Proof is in the pictures, whereas, the roofer last week asked me, “So, why did you want me to come over here?” but NEVER climbed on the roof!

Now, let me defend my lapse of judgment (ok – sheer stupidity). Roof Inspector 1 was at the house in January inspecting a few noticeably damaged areas. I assumed he’d done a thorough inspection of the roof back then, which is why he didn’t climb up on the roof last week to check out the questionable areas I’d noticed during my months of home stalking. He’s the roofer; what do I know? And he’s the one making money off his recommendations; if he’s not suggesting further repair, he’s essentially turning down income, right? I must be overreacting about these rippled shingles, I told myself.

Turns out, my gut was right.

Seven months ago and now, my gut (and my dad!) also tell me that Branden provides a thorough and trustworthy Grand Rapids home inspection.

Closing is on pause, but the story continues: we’ll see what a second roofer has to say next week.

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