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Day 68: A look inside the house – finally!

June 9, 2012

The renter is out – but not without one last jaw-dropping hurrah. He was supposed to turn the keys over Memorial Day weekend, then it was June 1, then he needed the weekend. My entire maternal family showed up to finally see a vacant house, but the keys were nowhere to be found.

A while later, I found my uncles unhinging the porch door (without much luck – but a memorable moment, indeed) when Tim the Tenant suddenly appeared on the other side, INSIDE THE HOUSE!

The house was a mess. Excuses poured from his lips. “My car started smoking on the way here two hours ago. We need three hours to finish packing.”

I stared at him in utter disbelief. You’ve had FIVE MONTHS to pack. You were supposed to be completely out DAYS AGO! And three hours to get all this junk out? Try THREE DAYS!

Of course, I kept silent, but I’m notorious for my face being a dead giveaway of emotion despite trying to keep a straight one. (Clearly, poker is not my game.) I hope he saw this written all over my face. At this point, his laziness doesn’t affect me, but I’m shocked by his cunning and disrespect toward an 88-year-old woman!

On a brighter note, he left and we finally got to peruse the home in peace. I can’t wait to call this place home!


Look at all that junk! This is a view into the living room. The dining room is off to the left, with a doorway into the kitchen. The entry way and stairwell upstairs is to the right.


Love this doorknob!



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