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Day 66: And this concludes The Renter Debacle series

May 31, 2012

Photo by Scott Granneman


Tomorrow marks the day my potential home is finally empty. It’s been about five months since I’ve last walked through it. I’m dying to get in there again so I can re-imagine all the possibilities.

Back in December when I was on the verge of becoming an Alger Heights homeowner, I’d spent a couple hours inside the home during inspections snapping photos from every which way, measuring walls, windows and furiously scribbling notes. In the weeks afterward, I spent my evenings vigorously perusing Pinterest and home décor magazines in search of inspiration for Calin’s bedroom and my kitchen. It was fun and, more importantly, productive with a specific need in mind. Maximizing space for Calin’s tiny bedroom led me down a few creative and affordable paths. Adding aesthetic storage to the kitchen on a budget was challenging since the possibilities seemed endless, but I managed to narrow it down to just a few ideas. I couldn’t wait to move in to really get a feel for what would work. (And then that story came to a screeching halt…)

Over the past several months I’ve been itchin’ to bookmark ideas again that will work for creating functional, comfortable and beautiful spaces for my new home. Only problem is, my frame of reference for what exists was clouded thanks to the two rushed walkthroughs. The home felt right, but feeling like an intruder, or the bad cop carrying an eviction notice, prevented me from soaking in the details. Plus, there was no way I was snapping any photos under the menacing eye of the family that waited begrudgingly as I strolled through their home. Expressing any ounce of excitement felt like it’d be rubbing salt in an open wound.

Despite my foggy memory, I do remember the house being a blank canvas of white walls. A splash of color here and there is a must. The kitchen could use a facelift, but I didn’t look closely enough to see whether a fresh paint job, new hardware, maybe a backsplash will do the trick or if a complete overhaul is in order. I also have grand plans of tearing down the shed to make room for a cozy backyard oasis. But you know how you go back to a place you frequented as a kid only to discover that it’s much smaller than you remember? I’m really hoping this isn’t the case with the ‘massive’ shed.

I’m thrilled that tonight is the finale of what seemed to be a neverending drama of the renter debacle. Soon I’ll be able to see what I actually (might) have to work with and jump back into my novice pursuit of interior design. Stay tuned for photos!


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