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Day 57: Better to live life…

January 20, 2012

With each passing day that I don’t write in this Project 365, I feel guilty. And then I think about what I’m going to write to catch up on four days. And I dread it. Not much has happened on the home front. The thought of reflecting on the past few days and writing four stories wrapped around my house hunt seems impossible. I’m tired. Really tired. I’d rather go to bed than attempt to muster up the creative juices.

The good thing, though, is I’ve kept busy this week. I started my new job. It’s wonderful. My evenings were filled with the greatness of Grand Rapids. The Pop Scholars improv comedy troupe at Dog Story Theater was hilarious. A concert at The Intersection revealed a music culture I didn’t realize existed in this city. It wasn’t the concert itself, I suppose, but the person I was with who peeled back that other layer. I also attended a Public Relations Society of America lunch Thursday. The speaker mentioned that keeping up a blog was hard work. Especially one you’ve committed to writing a couple times a week. I suddenly felt a smidgeon of relief.

This morning a friend said to me, “better to live life than just write about it.” It sounds like an excuse to rationalize failing an English class. But today, it’s a gem. So there’s my excuse for no postings. I lived like crazy.

Now I’m home in my cozy living room blasting the smoky, soulful pipes of Etta James because I no longer have anyone sharing a house with me. For now, anyway. Playing music at any volume anytime is one of those little big things for me. It crossed my mind as I debated whether to start the home hunt. It helped push me from condo toward house. Plus, I like to sing along. No one needs to hear that. 🙂

Once I catch up on my sleep and my calendar settles down, I’ll get back to the daily writing. Another day or two probably.

Rest in peace, Etta.

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  1. Berny permalink
    January 22, 2012 11:40 pm

    So love reading your blog. Miss you

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