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Day 50: Conversations with my preschooler

January 9, 2012

While we sat at the dinner table tonight, Calin asked if he could get up to give me a hug and a kiss. Random, but I’ll take it! When I asked if there was a particular reason why, he said, “Just because I love you.” My heart melted. And then, with just as much sweetness and sincerity as the ‘I love you,’ he sprinkled on, “But I don’t love you that much. Only a little.”

Umm, ok?

And then the conversation turned to discussing a fire escape route. He’s just filled with odd surprises tonight. Not too long ago, he was terrified by the mere mention of fire alarm. Now we’re having rational conversations about them. I was feeling quite confident with his plan, until he said, “If that door knob is hot, then I’ll just go to your room and climb into bed with you.” (A bathroom connects our bedrooms.) I took the opportunity to set him straight: don’t worry about anything except getting outside of the house.

He contemplated this for a moment. “If I can’t get down the steps, then I’ll jump out the window.” He paused again. “But I might break my ankle.” A broken ankle is better than being inside the house, I told him.

This is his I’ve-got-a-great-idea face.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, his three-year-old mind struck with what he deemed a brilliant idea. “When we get outside, we could roast marshmallows!” I was speechless. “Well,” he said. “Can we?”

Oh, the innocence of children.

I guess we’re both a little preoccupied with fire. It’s one of my biggest fears and always one of the many considerations that float through my mind while walking through houses. I assess the bedroom layout to make sure Calin’s will be closest to a door leading outside. Thanks to our little conversation tonight, I added a few more items to the new-home to-do list: buy a fire ladder and do a fire drill!

Soon after our fire talks, I tucked Calin into bed and he told me he loved me to the moon and back. I’m sure that’s what he meant by a ‘little’ love.

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