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Day 33: To drink or not to drink

December 23, 2011
Image by hellojenuine

Who knew a beverage could fuel a love/hate relationship?

Amidst running all over Greater Grand Rapids yesterday – work, Christmas shopping, Frederick Meijer Gardens, poker night – I didn’t have much time for food. Since my night ended downtown to meet a friend, the measly soup and pizza I ate were anything but sufficient for having a few drinks. So I can’t complain that I felt a little under the weather today.

In an attempt to cure it, my brunch at San Chez consisted of a Bloody Mary. My first ever! I eagerly awaited the glass of seasoned tomato juice. When it arrived, I took a cautious sip, making it my first and last Bloody Mary.

Still feeling rather foggy from last night’s Magic Hat #9 and Short’s Bellaire Brown, I was glad I had no agenda on my day off except last-minute Christmas shopping and gift wrapping. I didn’t feel one ounce of remorse for lazily napping and watching a movie this afternoon.

Not even as I stared at the chaotic state of my living room. It’s filled with gifts, wrapping paper, bows and bags. My mind wandered, thinking about this time next year. A spare bedroom or a finished basement will be so nice for this time of year. And I’ll have a cozy space for days just like today. It was a lovely thought to accompany my still-aching head.

I really shouldn’t be feeling this terrible, I thought. I only had a couple beers. And then it hit me. The throbbing was very familiar… That Bloody Mary was in place of coffee. It’s not a hangover! If I don’t drink my one cup by 9:30 a.m., my head pays dearly. In fact, I hate the thought of having an addiction so much, I’m tempted to suffer for a few days and quit altogether. But there’s something about a steamy cup of joe that stops me from quitting; the anticipation of holding a warm mug and taking my first sip each morning has always been a moment of indulgence. I can’t put my finger on why, but tea doesn’t have the same effect.

Once I got my hands on a cup of coffee tonight, I felt instantly better. For something so seemingly simple, a beverage sure holds a lot of power. Beer and coffee influenced my entire day.

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