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Day 16: ‘Twas the week before closing

December 6, 2011

‘Twas the week before closing and all through the deal,
the sellers were fussing, then a damage reveal.
Negotiations and papers signed by each,
in hopes that an agreement soon we would reach.
I bought new appliances, nearly a bed,
while visions of closing danced through my head…

The first time I went through the Brooklyn Street house I knew I wanted to put an offer in. After looking at more than 50 houses, this one was perfect. Just before going through it a second time, I had the chance to compliment one of the owners on his decor. I liked him right away. As I wrote the offer that night, visions of closing danced through my head.

I imagined smiling owners pleased to pass along their humble abode to a nice girl who would love it just as much as they did. I imagined they’d be proud to know they were a small part of helping a single mom and her cute little blondie take a small step up in the world (I swore I’d never buy a house before marriage!). I imagined being so thrilled at closing that I’d throw my arms around them in a thankful hug. To heck with shaking hands! I even planned to send them a Christmas card and give them a small housewarming gift for their new digs.

Well, those dancing visions definitely came to a screeching halt. Instead, I see two scowling faces as we sign the paperwork. Instead of hugs, I think the only thing I’ll receive is a glare. Of course, they couldn’t care less about the pride I have in buying a home. Heck, they probably don’t even like kids!

Bummer. I’ll still be happy, but it just won’t be the same if they’re harboring feelings of resentment. However, if a measly glare means they’ll accept my offer, then I guess I’ll have to grin and bear it.

We do have one thing in common, though: living in a fantasy land. Now that I’ve come back down to reality, I hope they’ll do the same tomorrow.

The final offer addendum will go through tomorrow morning, thanks to the graciousness of my realtor, loan officer and the listing agent. I guess those three will get my hugs, Christmas cards, gifts and gratitude. 🙂

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  1. December 6, 2011 10:24 pm

    Kara! You are such a good writer! I hope the closing goes well for you and I hope you and Calin (who is getting so big!) enjoy your new home!

    Post pictures!

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