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Day 6: The meaning of ‘growing up’

November 27, 2011

The mid twenties is prime time for first-time homeowners. Which means I’ve become quite accustomed to being turned down for a night on the town because a friend had to save money, paint the living room, put in new flooring or was just plain exhausted from hours of yard work. So this is ‘growing up’, I’d think as I sat at home alone, bored, longing for carefree days of college. Yup, growing up means losing friends to homes, husbands and kids. And, of course, responsibility tends to suck in every single friend on the exact same night when I happen to be kid free. I’ll admit, the rejection left sort of a sour taste in my mouth about owning a home.

While I still have 33 days before I actually move in, I’m already finding ways to save a few bucks, scouring interior design magazines and sinking money into expensive necessities. Turns out it’s not so sour once it’s your own responsibility. šŸ™‚

I decided to save a little money on Christmas this year. Instead of buying a $35 Christmas tree (and having to pack up an extra couple boxes), Calin and I set up the mini tree Santa left in his bedroom last year. We covered an end table with the tree skirt, hung two boxes of ornaments and a placed a few knick-knacks around the tree. It’ll be quick and easy to pack up after Christmas!

Look closely and you’ll see a dinosaur. Look even more closely and you’ll notice the dino and snowman are facing the tree instead of out toward the living room. Calin’s arrangement, my favorite part!

Thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired to make a few gifts this year, too, which saves a bit of money and consumed my evening. Trying to pinch pennies constantly is rather exhausting though. On my quest for appliances, I was ready to give up, convincing myself that good deals would be just as good in a few weeks as this weekend’s Thanksgiving specials. But after my trip to Hobby Lobby, I stopped at Lowe’s anyway. Good thing I did because I found an awesome deal on a Whirlpool range. Salesmen are so much more helpful than the Internet sometimes.

One more thing checked off my to-do list

The next exciting item on my grown-up to-do list? Find a great bargain on a washer and dryer! (Definitely another sign of growing up. Five years ago such a statement would have been dripping with sarcasm.)



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