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Everything I know I learned from someone else

October 28, 2011

I’ve been single for nearly two years. I was miserable for nearly half of the year I dated my last boyfriend. But I like to look back on every person encountered as an experience that’s shaped the person I am. One of my favorite quotes is by Chuck Palahniuk: “Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever know.”

I’m a memory lover. An old soul, perhaps. I dwell in the past. The glass-half-full past, that is. There are a lot of people who’ve made me angry, miserable, sad. But you pull through and realize a little piece of them is ingrained in everything you do. Whether that’s from an intrinsic vow to never say certain words, treat others a certain way, or hopefully, from a more positive perspective, an aspiration to be a better person. Sometimes it’s as simple as cultivating a new interest.

Growing up, dining out was reserved for birthdays and other very special occasions. With a family of seven, Applebee’s was fine dining to me. My ex, however, opened me up to the world of finer dining. This, of course, is not always a good thing since it’s a huge strain on my wallet.

I was hesitant to visit Grove, the new East Hills restaurant on Cherry Street tonight after seeing the menu prices online. But, wow, every single bite was indescribably delicious. Some might call me a foodie, but technically, I have no idea how to describe the delectable delight in every single bite. Simply put, it was some of the best food that’s ever touched my tastebuds. We ate Ninth Bridge bread. The orange blossom and honey butter had a savory sweetness to it. The oil and a beet spread was different, but yum. The empanada appetizer was incredible. And not deep fried. The entrée my friend and I split, gnocchi soaked in some sort of pumpkin sauce, was heaven in my mouth. I’m not a huge dessert person but the Two Way Chocolate was great! And the macchiato martini? Amazing. And the service was excellent.

So, thank you, ex boyfriend, for introducing me to the finer things in life. Who knows? If it weren’t for you, I might still consider The Outback Steakhouse a classy meal.

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